Our values

The beer "La huichola" was born with the dream of merging two cultures in an exceptional product, the Mexican culture with the Mexican agave liqueur DOP and the French culture with the Marseille craft beer. Two products that respect each other in an original formula and character.

A Propos La Bière

The values of 3xmgroup

Tailor-made services

We are fully involved in every project.
We have the flexibility to match your budget and wishes.
Thanking loyalty is one of our niches.

Craft Beer La Huichola

Double artisanal IPA made in France based on 100% Mexican agave liqueur.

Eco-responsible with packaging made of recycled aluminum, light and hyper resistant.Its UV colors are a bold feature of the bottle that make it possible to see itself day and night.

The beer is brewed by hand by a brewery founded in Marseille. It contains 8.5° of alcohol.

Protected Designation of Origin

The agave liqueur I use is mezcal which is handmade and it contains 40° of alcohol. It comes from a plant called agave (from the same family of plants as tequila, but with a smoky taste). It is produced in a traditional and ancestral way in Mexico. It has a DOP (Protected Denomination of Origin) which is why I am in the process of obtaining the certificate of authorization to use the name mezcal in my packaging and beer advertising.

High-end beer

Brewed in Marseille in an artisanal way


Spices and orange peels enhance the aromas of agave liqueur in a craft beer of character.

A high-end beer, we have solutions for you wine merchants and restaurateurs who are looking for authentic products!

Its packaging in a 33cl aluminum bottle allows it to cool down quickly. It is also practical, lightweight, easy to transport and above all eco-responsible. 

Unbreakable, our beer has only assets for efficient stock management. On the design side, it has the particularity of being seen in the dark, perfect for bars and restaurants, parties and festivals.

La Bière

A team of passionate people

From A to Z we are people who love our job.

Since the conception of the image with our artists Jonathan and Gina who materialized the huichole symbolisms and my story on the label, the company that created the light bottle in UV colors shining in the dark, as in the light of day and the Spanish company managed by women, the brewery of La Minotte with its know-how. For a year, we tested formulas, we gave birth to La Huichola and our project which is eco-responsible

Our catering service,event remains in the hands of experts with more than 7 years of experience, you collaborate with experienced professionals.