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What's so special about our La Huichola beer?

It is a beer with dual nationality both made in France and it is made from agave liqueur 100% from Mexico. This Franco-Mexican beer is a double IPA.

The colors of its bottle are UV, it is a bold feature of the bottle so it can see day and night. Perfect to liven up your evenings.

The beer is brewed by hand by a brewery founded in Marseille. It contains 8.5° of alcohol.

What is agave liqueur?

The agave liqueur used is mezcal which is made in a traditional way in Mexico and it contains 40° of alcohol. It comes from a plant called agave. It is produced in an ancestral way in Mexico.

We have a limited quantity to put on sale online per month!

What's DOP ?

Protected designation of origin, that's why the beer the huichola for the moment 2021 and since then we are taking steps to have the right to be able to mark the word mezcal on our bottles.

Why is La Huichola craft beer eco-responsible?

Our beer is bottled with packaging made of recycled aluminum, light and hyper resistant. It is made in the European Union certified by European standards.

Why is La Huichola craft beer supportive?

I am studying at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico and I am very proud to say how transparent they are at the level of associations, published etc. So I decided to donate a percentage of the profits from La huichola to an association run by the university that is related to the Huichol communities in the region in which my grandmother belonged.

What is the certification procedure to have the right to name a mezcal beer?

It is necessary to make a request to the Regulatory Committee of the Mezcal, which will make a special request to check our product, review that our supplier of the mezcal to all certifications, they check the amount of mezcal alcohol that there is in the bottles of our beer, they will check that at no time do we advertise using this word and that for the moment,we sell our bottles with the word agave liqueur. They will check that our brand exists and they will look at the extension as well as the country in which it is protected.They will then calculate how much it costs to have the right using the different criteria. And between 6 months and 1 year, they give us an answer of acceptance or refusal.

What is the difference between tequila and mezcal?

In terms of taste, thanks to the way of making mezcal there is a smoky taste that tequila does not have. Both liqueurs come from the same family: agave. There are more than 150 varieties of agave, however for tequila is de rigueur that is made with blue agave (a variety) and it is also a DOP. Mezcal is more versátil in terms of mezcal varieties, there is espadín, wild agaves etc and it is produced in more regions than tequila.

Why is our La huichola beer NOT flavored with mezcal?

THE WORD FLAVORED WITH MEZCAL, TEQUILA OR ANY ALCOHOL BASICALLY IT MEANS THAT THERE IS NO ALCOHOL IN IT, it is a molecule made in the laboratory that resembles the flavor of the alcohol in question but c everything, syrups and added sugars but basically it is a marketing manipulation so that the consumer thinks that he is drinking an alcohol in real non-existent,at the same time when we see the price we understand that the quality and real products are not at the appointment in the products sold at the market "flavored".

How many days is the delivery time when I order from the official website?

The huichola is a very small new company and I will personally take care of the shipments and deliveries, you will receive by text a confirmation of your order and the delivery time. For the start-up deliveries in the city of Marseille will be free from a six. And also as we go along we will publish our physical shops, bars and partner restaurants in Marseille and all of France.

Does huichola beer contain gluten?

Yes, there is gluten in our La Huichola beer

What is the experience of My Mexican Caterer?

For 7 years we managed the Mexican restaurant La Morada in Marseille, we participated in festivals, markets. We have organized more than a hundred private parties, buffets, catering services, the experience throughout these years bring us the desire to continue to improve and do everything so that our customers are always satisfied.

Does my Mexican caterer make vegan and vegetarian, halal and kosher meals?

Yes of course, you just have to mention it when you request a quote and we send you recipe choices.

Are there choices in the catering products of products with zero gluten?

Yes our corn patties are 100 zero gluten corn. We also have the choice of wheat cakes. Sauces have no gluten.

Why is there no children's meal?

We offer chicken fajitas without peppers for children with mozzarella in burritos way and rice aside.

Can my Mexican caterer handle the birthday cakes?

Yes, and you can ask us for photos beforehand.

Is it possible to do a tasting for a previous service? If so for how many people?

Yes, if your quote is for more than 50 people we offer a tasting to two of our products.

Are the choices of dishes spicy?

No, there are none of the dishes that sting, but we bring hot sauces with side us for the amateurs.

If we choose the service with the music included in the package can we choose the type of music?

Yes, we can find you, thematic DJs, mariachis, solo singers, duets etc. Everything is according to the availability of the musicians.

Are there any mariachis that can play at a private party?

Yes, in the same way you can add elements so for all budgets, from 3 musicians.

There is the possibility of renting the porcelain tableware alone without any other service and if so under what conditions?

Yes, the customer compromises to make the dishes clean and packaged as you were given or there is the additional option to make it room and you are added an additional fee.

The deposit to be paid to block the date of the future service must be made at what time?

At the same time send us the signed quote and the signed GTC.