Where did the idea come from?

A dream that materializes little by little. Expatriate 11 years ago already in beautiful France and following the idea of sharing a “cachito” = a small piece of my Mexico we found the perfect alchemy between Mexican agave liqueur and craft beer with the help of the Marseille brewery La Minotte.We would like to introduce you to our beer LA HUICHOLA an IPA beer with 100% Mexican agave liqueur and brewed in France in an artisanal way. 

We have undertaken together the adventure of making you taste a crazy thing!! Very bold in taste and with its eco-responsible packaging, it will be released on the market in limited edition from July 2021.

We often organize events and parties in the Marseille area, in the company of the entire team responsible for the project and musician friends. If you would like to join us or participate, follow us on social media or let us know by email that you want to attend the party!

The beer “La huichola” was born with the dream of merging two cultures in an exceptional product, the Mexican culture with the Mexican agave liqueur DOP and the French culture with the Marseille craft beer. Two products that respect each other in an original formula and character. 

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